The Bathmate HydroMax Pumps Reviewed

Your confidence as a man is a direct function of how effectively you can satisfy your partner. Or, in other words, “big dick energy.” The kind of energy that radiates off you once you step into a room. It shows in the way you carry yourself: energy that cannot be faked. It’s the same energy that transforms you into a chick magnet.

However, not everyone can boast of carrying a big stick around. Fortunately, this can be easily fixed. With the right penis pump, you can be the bedroom bully you were meant to be.
Penis pumps are great for enhancing your sexual performance and dominance in the bedroom. The best pumps can increase your penis size by as much as 30%. Not only that, but they can also help you get harder and stronger erections too.

Some of the best penis pumps I’ve tested are the Bathmate HydroMax range of products. These include HydroMax3, HydroMax5, HydroMax7, HydroMax WideBody, and HydroMax9
I recommend you have a go at any of these options. Without a doubt, you’ll see massive gains in both length and girth in a relatively short time. A real Mandingo.
In this review, I will explain all you need to know about the Bathmate HydroMax:

  • How the Bathmate works
  • Which model you should buy and where to buy
  • Features
  • What you can expect when you buy and use a Bathmate
  • What I like about the Hydromax Series
  • What is not so cool
  • Guarantee and safety
  • Frequently Asked Questions

How the Bathmate Works
The Bathmate penis pumps works by creating a vacuum that forces more blood into the penis and thereby expanding the tissues. What makes the Bathmate products stand out is that they work with water pressure rather than air to lengthen and add girth to your penis.

Air pressure might be too much for some people, and it’s more likely to cause discomfort. Water pressure on the hand is safer because water isn’t as easily compressed as air.

With time and consistent usage, and plenty of time for recovery between sessions (24 – 48 hours should be excellent, that is, used once in two days), the penile tissues permanently expand, which makes your penis increase in length and girth. At the same time, the expanded tissues let in more blood into your penis, giving you firmer and harder erections.

Right after you use the device with a full erection, you’ll see noticeable but temporary gains. This could be about 0.25 – 0.75 inches lengthwise and 0.5 – 1.25 inches in circumference. This gains will usually stay around for 4 to 24 hours – throughout intercourse, and even after losing your erection. Gradually, these gains will start to become permanent. Additionally, you’ll observe your erections getting stronger.

Which model you should buy and where to buy
The Hydromax series is available in 5 different models explicitly designed to cater to different sizes. You can choose the appropriate model for your needs starting from the Hydromax3 series, for those with a small penis – about 2 inches, to the Hydromax9 for those blessed with both length and girth – up to 9 inches.

Bathmate Hydromax3: with the reputation of being the world’s first micropenis pump, the Hydromax3 is designed to give you real gains if you’re under 3 inches when erect.
That means more sexual power, firmer/harder erection, and a tremendously boosted confidence. You may not take my word for it, but over 92% of users confirmed real change within a month of consistent usage.
Bathmate Hydromax5: Suitable for users measuring 3 – 5 inches when erect, the Hydromax5 is an excellent starter model. This is where a majority of users fall into, and Bathmate Hydromax5 delivers the best results with penises of this size.
The Hydromax5 is ideal for you if you measure around 5 inches or less when erect. The powerful and safe water-based design ensures real, long-lasting gains – or you get your money back.

Bathmate Hydromax7: created for the lucky men measuring between 5 and 7 inches, the Hydromax7 is a high-power large penis pump for more lasting gains.
The Hydromax7 comes with 35% more power than the previous model in the series. It is perfect for those men who understand there masculinity is tied to their performance in the bedroom. It gives you more sexual power, better erection quality, and more swag.
Bathmate Hydromax7 Wide Boy: when it comes to size, length isn’t all there is. Some people are as thick as they are long, and better still, they can get even larger. The Hydromax7 Wide Boy is all about girth.
It’s not easy getting the right size of pump if you are a bit thicker than average down there. This is why the Hydromax Wideboy was explicitly created with an extra-wide chamber for maximum pressure. You will start to see results in little time and a permanent enlargement with regular usage.
The standard Hydromax7 unit accommodates for a girth up to 6.5 inches, but the Wide Boy goes even further, providing for any penis above this width

Bathmate Hydromax9: For remarkably large users, the Hydromax9 is the perfect device. It can easily accommodate erect penises measuring from 7 – 9 inches and help develop a harder erection and real “big dick” confidence.
The Hydromax9 is not just for the naturally endowed. Even if you have graduated from one of the smaller penis pump models, the Hydromax9 will also give you more improvements.
You must buy only from the Bathmate official site. Aside from running the risk of buying substandard knock-offs when you buy from anywhere else, buying from the company’s official website qualifies you for the 60-day return policy.

So if you are still skeptical that a HydroMax will work for you, the company’s generous return policy will allow you to use the device for up to 60 days, and if you aren’t still completely satisfied, they’ll refund you the full cost of the HydroMax. No questions asked.

Hand Pump: The hand pump is pleasantly easy to fit and use. You simply slide on your Hydromax Pump, fill it up with water, and install the pump. You can control the pressure by squeezing lightly or tightly as you wish. The pump is made with sturdy materials that will stand up to repeated use. Most other brands start wearing out from the pump because they weren’t built as strong.
Shower Strap: the HydroMax comes equipped with a shower strap, which you can hang around your neck, securing the pump. This will allow you to steady yourself, keep the device in place, and pump away with one hand. However, you can still pump with one hand if the strap is not attached.
Comfort Ring/Pad: The comfort pad goes right up against your body for a snug comfortable fit. This makes sure the pressure is optimized and guarantees the best results
Latch Valve: the Hydromax devices come with a latch valve, which makes the one-handed operation of the pump possible. The latch valve opens and closes quickly. You can control the pressure and fill the pump with one hand. This comes in handy, considering you might need one hand free to steady yourself in the slippery shower.
3 Color Choices: You can choose from 3 colors – clear, blue, and red. However, the color choices are subject to availability
Size Calculator: to help you determine the right HydroMax option to buy, the company website features a calculator. This makes it very easy for you to choose based on your penis size.

What results you can expect after using Bathmate

Instant Results: After Using the Bathmate in the shower for about 10-15 minutes (with a full erection), your penis will gain an extra 0.25 – 0.5 inch in length and about 0.5 – 1.25 inches in girth. These changes are instant, especially that of the circumference. You can go right ahead and have sex a few hours after using the Bathmate Hydromax.
The growth will remain for about 5 to 11 hours, and then your penis will slowly return to normal size. Well, not exactly back to its original size; you will see noticeable gains in flaccid (soft) size.
Permanent Enlargement (regular use): Your temporary/Instant gains will become permanent if you use this device regularly. It’s sort of like a 172lbs deadlift for your penis. When you go to the gym and lift weights, your muscle tissue will fatigue and gain immediate size – that pumped look. But they’ll return to their regular size in about 5 to 11 hours after the workout. If you consistently workout (assuming a proper diet), your muscles will grow and continue to increase in size unless you stop working out. Almost the same is for the Bathmate. Although penile tissue isn’t exactly the same as muscle tissue, they are pretty similar.
Guarantee and safety: Unlike potentially dangerous air pumps, the Bathmate is a water pump and is completely safe if you use it as directed. They are manufactured to a high standard, using selected phthalate-free, skin-safe, and medical grade materials. Each pump also undergoes a thorough custom-designed dermatological test by Aspen Clinical Research, a renowned specialist skin-care clinic. Therefore, all the Bathmate products are clinically proven to be safe for use on the genital area and thus, totally safe for use.
I’ve never had any issues with HydroMax pumps, and I have used them regularly. For this reason, among a few others, I recommend a Hydromax for newbies rather than an air pump.
The company offers a 60-day money-back guarantee if you are not happy with the product or results. That guarantee means that once you’ve bought your pump, you can return it within 60 days for a complete refund if you’re not satisfied for any reason at all. However, you should expect to see real gains within about a month of regular usage.

What I like about the Hydromax Series
The Hydromax range doesn’t leave anyone out. Whether you are smaller than usual or hugely endowed, there’s a model for you. From the 1 – 3 inches HydroMax3, 3 – 5 inches HydroMax5, 5 – 7 inches HydroxMax7, to the 7 – 9 inches HydroMax9, and Wide Boy options. When it comes to penis pumps, one size fits approach doesn’t just work.
The comfort pad is designed to be used to increase pressure, but you can detach it to accommodate a bigger girth.
Quick permanent gains: 60 days of continuous and correct use will give you remarkable benefits.
The pumps are safer. They use water to create safe pressure instead of air.
The materials are carefully selected and are clinically proven to be safe and gentle on the genital skin.
What’s not so cool
The HydroMax may give you excessive pleasure, so it feels more like a sex toy than a penis enhancement device.
The handheld pump might tire you out from squeezing it repeatedly.

Frequently asked questions you want to know before you buy

Bathmate Hydromax pumps are made to fit any size of user comfortably, from 1 – 11 inches (2.5 – 28cm ) when erect. Practically anyone can get excellent results with Bathmate Hydromax.

Your results after consistently and correctly using the Hydromax can vary depending on individual biology. People have reported a inch increased length and girth after just a few months of use, while others have gained the same results after several months. The company, however, guarantees satisfaction from these products. If you feel the results were below your expectations, you can always return the device (within 60 days) and get a full refund.

92% of users have confirmed gaining with HydroMax. If you aren’t still satisfied, the company guarantees its product and will refund you if, after 60 days, you feel the device failed to live up to your expectations. A 100% money-back, no questions asked refund policy. What do you have to lose?
Immediately after a pump session, you’ll notice significant gains right off the bat. These gains won’t last more than a few hours. For more permanent gains, you must use the device regularly and consistently – just as you’ll do with any other exercise.

Bathmate pioneered the use of water rather than air to transmit pressure. This totally changed the way penis pumps work, giving better results, making them easier to use, and enhancing safety, while ensuring there are no cumbersome preparations or clean up afterward.

Bathmate offers utterly free shipping no matter your location in the world. But you must buy from their official site to qualify for free shipping. Buying from their website also makes you eligible for the 60-days money-back guarantee.